You know the best part of my life as a mummy? The fact that my three year old honestly believes, with all her heart that mummy is perfect. In contrast, she thinks daddy is all farts and groans (again, best part)

On an early morning drive today, as we went over the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, there came that smell that comes out of nowhere in London and leaves everyone uncomfortable, hoping no one thinks they did it – not my family of course, we ask!

“Babe, was that you?”

“How could that be me? my fart smells nothing like that, it must be from outside”

Same conversation every time, but it’s always good to ask – Just to be sure.

So the smell: As it came through, my beautiful, gorgeous, precious three year old screams at the top of her voice “Oh no! Daddy is smelling! Daddy you need to use the toilet or you smell (sic) the whole car” She said this stressing “SMELL THE WHOLE CAAAR”. We both burst into laughter, her daddy and I.

Daddy: No, daddy didn’t do this, that was mummy, okay? (He was unusually soft spoken to cajole)

Deb: NO DADDY! (Even louder than before) Mummy can’t do that; mummy can’t smell! It’s you, daddy!

At that minute I realised to this little one, mummy is all stars and roses. Mummy is perfect!


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