Building Our Dream House?

My husband has always been full of surprises. He’s one to always have something planned and he says it with so much pride and a little sheepishness “This time, this one will blow your mind off” Some of his past successful projects include – A surprise birthday party, A surprise holiday and the engagement. But you see, on all three, he almost ruined the surprise himself during his sleep-talk.

D is a sleep-talker and if it were to be a condition, he would be considered severe. I had no idea how bad it was until we got married.

Wondering what this has to do with a mummy blog? read on, we are getting there…

when he planned and almost ruined surprises in the past, it happened by us talking on the phone into the night, then he starting to fall asleep and next thing he’s talking about everything – EVERYTHING! I usually just about stopped him as I like a good surprise, not to mention all the work he would have put in.

Since getting married, it hasn’t gotten any better, He says everything in his sleep. I just bring out my phone and start recording, then project it on the tv in the living room days after, interrupting whatever we are watching on TV, almost as a public service announcement. It winds him up, but in a cheeky way, so it’s fun to do.

Here’s another (not so) fun fact – My husband and I have confessed to each other that lately, we can recite an entire Peppa Pig episode in our heads. I found myself correcting my husband the other day in the bathroom, as he sand the Bing Bong song, to which he replied “No, I’m not wrong, that’s how Pedro Pony sings it”.

We have been talking about buying a house which would be our “dream house”. However, the plan almost shifted to buying a land after I told hubby about a youtuber I watched who bought a land and so was able to build to THEIR taste.

Last night, my darling husband was sleeping and I was working on that novel yet again, right beside him on the bed, then it happened! The wind of sleep-talk blew and just like that, he began!

D: We are buying a land babe, I’ve seen it

Me: (Trying to be really careful and speaking almost in a slithering voice) are we? where babe?

D: On a hill, I am getting it from daddy pig.

And this my friends, was the moment I realized we definitely watch a little too much Peppa Pig in this house.



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