Losing weight after baby

I remember the day I got on the scale right after having baby and I had lost half of the baby weight. This was the next day, literally.

I think most women can relate with this – The sudden and immediate weight loss. It just drops itself off of you right after having baby and puts you in this happy and optimistic spirit about what the future holds in respect to dress sizes. But some of us, by now know how this works don’t we? The same weight which happily scampered itself off our face and tummy and legs and whatever, starts to crawl back on like a slithering snake day after day. I remember the day I got on the scale 5 months later and I was almost back to pregnancy weight. It was then it dawned on me – I wasn’t really effortlessly losing the weight like my body had me thinking, rather my body was still figuring out what was happening. I knew I had a choice right then to accept defeat and be a new dress size, or get rid of it.

Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with being a new dress size and I do not view it as defeat in any way or form, but as it was a goal of mine to maintain my pre pregnancy size, Not going for my goal felt to me as defeat.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I cleared my mind and cleared my space – My weight gain is and has always been directly related to my emotional state. I sorted out my immediate space and I was able to think clearly
  2. I fixed my diet. I am not a believer in cutting anything out of my diet, but rather eating in moderation. I eat because I need to and not because I want to. This helped.
  3. I registered in a gym – I needed a place I would enjoy going to, so instead of a regular gym, I enrolled in a health and fitness club which meant a day at the gym felt less like a hectic workout and more a pamper day. I was able to spend 10 hours straight in the club. The doctor recommended I had at least a day to myself, so my husband made that happen – I got two days. Here’s an example of a 10 hour gym day

10:00am – 1 hour dance class

11:00 – Run on the treadmill for an hour

12:00 – Go to the “Quiet room” have some lunch, read a book, work on my blog and novel

3:00pm – Go for a Yoga class

4:00pm – Go for a swim

5:00pm relax in a hot tub

6:00pm go in the Sauna for 30mins

Change and head home for dinner and a good night sleep.

This was more than just a way to push those extra elbees off, but also a way to take care of me. having a healthy routine helped me clear my head and fix my body.

Did you struggle with postnatal weightloss, what did you do?



    1. Of course I could only do this on a weekend, but it hardly felt like going to the gym. Between spa, taking a rest in the “adult room” and all, it felt more like a treat than an actual gym day!

      Thanks for reading xxx


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