Today, I walked the isle of Sainsbury’s with two screaming babies


Just like the title, I literally walked through the isle of the supermarket with my two screaming babies.

Would you believe that there are still existing human species who are wholly unaware of the trouble twos? They are the ones who give you “the look” when your two year old decides to throw herself down in the middle of the supermarket and role back and forth, screaming at the top of her voice. They shake their heads when reason gives way to tantrum twos and little one decides to shove everything the hardworking staff spent the night stacking on the store shelves, straight to the ground in that rapid motion that says “This life is too hard for me”

Both my kids decided to take it to church! They went for it with the passion of Farage talking about immigration.

With every step I took while pushing my beautiful children in a pushchair that cost more than my first car, I was spreading the noise. Their noise was spreading like a virus around the supermarket. Not like they needed me to walk about to spread this viral noise of theirs, but in this enormously gigantic Sainsbury’s, you could only faintly hear their cries on one end, from the other end. You did not hear it in the uncomfortable, foot-tapping, eyes searching for anything to focus on way those nearer to me heard it, but you heard it. So as I walked, it was spreading. I can say I owned that supermarket today.

When I looked around, I saw them – The ones who got it, t the ones who have been there, the ones who are still in this phase and of course, the judgemental ones. I finished my shopping, walked out of the store head high and it was then it dawned on me – With two kids under two, I’ve lost every sense of shame!


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